Mission Statement

I am a Jack of all trades in technology and simultaneously involved in multiple roles in multiple startups.

In the last 10 years I have been co-founder, CTO, managing director, shareholder, technical advisor, board member, angel for tech startups and mentor, coach and lecturer for the people behind them in the tech scene.

Besides my engagements I am currently building v01.io - a prototyped startup for startup prototyping.

If you are interested in my services, hire me! You are also welcome to just follow / friend me at Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn because I post quiet some content on those topics.

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Symfony Deployment Scripts

10.12.2015: Der Deployment-Prozess für Symfony-Projekte ist ein ziemlicher Schmerz. Noch viel mehr, wenn man eigentlich gar nichts großes machen möchte und auf webspace deployed. Bisher war das dann in etwa folgender Prozess: Assetic Assets rausrendern src Ordner hochladen web Ordner hochladen app/Ressources Ordner hochladen – aber auf keinen Fall den lokalen Cache! app/cache leeren lokal die Assetic […]