Mission Statement

I am a Jack of all trades in technology and simultaneously involved in multiple roles in multiple startups.

In the last 10 years I have been co-founder, CTO, managing director, shareholder, technical advisor, board member, angel for tech startups and mentor, coach and lecturer for the people behind them in the tech scene.

Besides my engagements I am currently building v01.io - a prototyped startup for startup prototyping.

If you are interested in my services, hire me! You are also welcome to just follow / friend me at Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn because I post quiet some content on those topics.



Talk »  Impulsvortrag  » Prototyping digitaler Geschäftsmodelle – Übertragen auf Marketing / PR

Talk »  Webinale 2015  » „Was bringt mir das eigentlich?“ – Ansätze zur Bestimmung des Social-Media-ROI v0.1

Talk »  AllFacebook.de Marketing Conference 2015   » The Secret of ROI - Was der Marketing Manager 2015 hören will.


Talk »  AllFacebook.de Marketing Conference 2014  » What’s Up, WhatsApp? Wie man die strategische Nuss WhatsApp knacken kann.

Talk »  WebtechCon  » Das Ende der Homepage, wie wir sie kennen.

Talk »  S2 Exchange Berlin 2014  » Mobile Messenger – New Ways And Chances For Companies


Talk »  AllFacebook.de Developer Conference 2013  » Parse: Backend as a Service

Talk »  Mobile Marketing Innovation Day 2013  » Wie effektiv sind mobile Social Media Kampagnen?


Talk »  AllFacebook.de Developer Conference 2012  » GET statt POST: Daten aus dem Open Graph lesen (


Talk »  AllFacebook.de Developer Conference 2011  » Fixing Facebook API – Die schönsten Workarounds


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