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DIVA Entertainment System – #mediahackday

Am Wochenende war der 3. Mediahackday und wir wir (Flo und ich)  haben daran teilgenommen.  Unser Projekt war ein Car Entertainment System. Details gibt es bei Hackerleague. Hier nur die Zusammenfassung:

DIVA Entertainment System

Imagine a car full of divas driving to a shopping outlet. Every one of them is excited and want to listen to their music or want to share something with the other in the car.

For those (and other) we created the the Diva entertainment system. There is a “Diva Remote” part for your mobile and a Diva Entertainment System Player for the big screen(s) in the Car.

Basicly it is like apple airplay or chrome cast – but for the car. And for divas.


Innovation cycles of cars take sooo long. So we developed an entertainment middleware for the connected car based on open web technologies. This thing runs, where a webbrowser runs.

And – even better: You don’t have to buy a new car or do an expensive upgrade.
It is even possible to run this software on one or multiple iPads! Get your connected social entertainment system for way less than 1000€ !

Currently we support Content from Die Welt, Der Spiegel, Spotify und SRG SSR. We show the location of the car on a Google Map and showing the current location with what3words. For showing car data we using the novero API.


Am Ende haben wir dann den Preis für die beste Nutzung der Spiegel API und der SRG SSR API gewonnen und sind zufrieden nach Hause gegangen. :)

Was wir gestern beim #mediahackday gewonnen haben: 500$ für thinkgeek und 1000€ für Cyberport! Whoop!

Ein von Klaus Breyer (@klausbreyer) gepostetes Foto am


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